Why are colored lenses pricier?

There are several reasons that colored contact lenses are a lot more expensive compared to normal lenses. To start with, R & D costs are among the major elements involved in designing and creating of color lenses. All contact lens suppliers will certainly needed to do great deal of research study as well as survey on the most prominent shades then establish ways to infuse the color tinting process to the lenses to ensure that they are risk-free, look excellent as well as natural on your eye. This tinting procedure will enhance the lens production price. Additionally this, there are lesser colored or tinted lenses being sold compare with the regular untainted lenses. Hence manufacturer will certainly not be able to appreciate the same economic situations of scale in the manufacturing procedure for color lenses.

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Astigmatism regularĀ color contacts lenses for astigmatism are currently pricier than the regular kind. The major aspect once more is the fewer versions it generates as compare to the regular ones and the additional perimeter cal & axis it needs to cater for in order to produce it. It will certainly be most certainly even more expensive. Festive or insane contact lens -these sorts of lenses are likewise called staged contact lens, outfit get in touches with and also celebration contact lens. These sorts of lenses are preferred specifically during for Halloween and outfit celebrations. These lenses have unique pattern that are created for special occasion or occasions, therefore because of its individuality, they are marketed individually in private glass vials and could vary in cost from $50 to more than $150 per lens.

Customized color get in touches with – these sorts of lenses are customized to match specific demands just and also are extremely costly. An instance of custom color calls is prosthetic contact lens that is designed to mask a marked or otherwise flawed eye. A customized color get in touches with often set you back a number of hundred dollars per lens. In no matter the kind of colored contact lenses you called for, please bear in mind that you must undertake a contact lens suitable so your eye care expert could make certain the lenses fit you correctly and also safely.